The plane ride from KL to Bali was a little under three hours. Since Bali is south of the equator, the weather was much cooler, the island has a strong resemblance to Hawaii.
First meal of the trip, food is cheap here if you are willing to look for street food. A piece of meat, some veggies (usually kale) and an egg served with rice is roughly 1 dollar to 1.50.
We stayed at The Haven in Seminyak, Bali. The area is very touristy, filled with restaurants and shops for tourists. To get away from the crowd, Azrina and I decided to explore the city on foot.
The lush trees and tropical plants amidst the Balinese architecture made the walk very pleasant.
We found the beach, the waves were definitely more intimidating than Tioman Island waves in Malaysia!
Rice field in the middle of the city
I love the Balinese doors

Local soccer game

Day 2: We hire a taxi driver to drive us around the touristy spots of the island

Tanat Lot Temple, the temple sits on a large rock off shore and has been known as a popular tourist destination.
Local kid on vacation taking a photo with Azrina, apparently they’ve never seen a Malaysian before…


The rice cakes marinated in peanut sauce, delicious!

Green beans and tempeh, according to Azrina, the tempeh is Bali is tastes much better than in Malaysia.

We also visited Uluwatu, another sea side template and a few local beaches, Padang Padang and Nusar Dua. I got lazy with my camera and did not take any additional photos.

Day 2: Bike tour at Ubud $40 per person

On the way to Ubud, the tour guide brought us to a coffee farm famous for its Luwak Kopi. Luwak Kopi is made from beans of coffee berries which have been passed through the digestive track of the Asian Palm Civet, who looks more or less like a weasel, washed and roasted. It’s apparently the world’s most expensive coffee.  The beans are supposed to taste less bitter and more aromatic.
Coffee beans defecated by the weasel.

The little girl who lived on the farm

Our sample of the coffees and teas at the farm

Getting ready for our bike ride after breakfast

The local kids posing for the camera

Harvested rice bushels

The kids knew what to do with the cleaver

Lunch with an ice cold Bintang


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