Louis and I adopted a dog last weekend from a private animal rescue group in Lake Forest. Her name is Dakota and she is 3 years old and is an American Staffordshire Terrier mix.She was rescued by the private rescue from a high kill shelter in Ventura County. Apparently she was left by her owners in the shelter and has a bit of separation anxiety. Poor thing.
We’ve been looking for a dog for awhile, someone to jog and backpack with but never quite found the right one. My friend Josh and I found her outside an adopting event outside Pet Smart, she was sitting quietly in the corner, waiting patiently for someone to adopt her. Since Louis was away at his pistol class that day, we took her home for a test trial while waiting for Louis to come home. We were amazed how calm and well behaved she were, we immediately fell in love.

Dakota saying Hi to Louis in the back yard

Sleepy Dakota

Getting sleepy playing in the backyard

We are planning on a backpacking trip in a couple weeks after Dakota gets settled into our home. I’m so excited to have another running buddy.

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