First Look: GoLite Imogene UL3

We started our Youtube channel!  As part of our channel, we will focus on gear and trail videos. You can check us out @ Youtube – Hikenoworklater

For our first video, we take a quick and dirty look at the GoLite Imogene Ultralight 3-Person Tent.  We will be doing an extended review of the tent over the next couple months as we hit the trails.

Thanks and enjoy!

GoLite Imogene UL3

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6 thoughts on “First Look: GoLite Imogene UL3

  1. Could you set it up and measure the actual interior dimensions please? Many manufacturers are extremely “optimistic” about their tent specs.

    Also what is your opinion on it versus the Big Ages Fly Creek 3?


    • Hikeveryonder – Golite was pretty true to the dimensions posted – unfortunately, we offloaded the tent (and the FC UL3) a month ago to go with a larger 3+ tent. While we haven’t had the chance to post up our thorough review of the tent (future post) – we did use the tent and learned that it is not so much the floor that is the problem, but mainly the walls. The walls have a more of an angle than the Fly Creek UL3 (our review here). We find it hard to fit more than 2, 20×72 inch pads (non-mummy) in the tent without the sleeping bag/quilts touching the walls, especially if you run overfilled quilts like we do. In reality, the tent is a 2+ tent, that can fit a 3rd in a pinch. If you have used the FC UL2, it is basically a larger version of BA’s design.

      The Fly Creek UL3 is very similar, but the walls are straighter because of the top expansion bars Big Agnes uses on the roof. The design offers more usable space and makes the tent easier to live with if you need to stay inside for extended periods of time (longer inner tent and better vestibule). But as with the Golite, this tent is more of a 2+ and I can’t imagine fitting a third person in the FC UL3 unless it was a person on the smaller side or a child without touching the walls.

      Between the two it is a toss up. If we had to hunker down in a rain storm for many hours or store tons of gear inside, we would take the FC UL3. BUT, if I had to have one – the price of the Golite is better on the wallet and for that reason alone I would take the GoLite. Use it for one to two people and deal with the size limitations each trip.

      Let me know if you have more questions, we spent many nights in both tents and saw strengths and weaknesses in both designs.

      • p.s. The the fact that the door is vertical appeals to be quite a bit.

        Also someone on backpackinglight posted some photos of their Imogene 3, and he was able to get a very nice pitch with almost no wrinkles in the fly.

      • What was the 3+ person tent that you ended up going with? I’m a current owner of a Imogene UL3, but might need more room to start bringing the kids out on trips.

      • We used a Oware 10×10 Pyramid and BPWD Pyranet 4 innernet (3-4 person, 60 oz), then a Tarptent Rainshadow 2 (3 person, 42 oz). Right now we are using a MLD Speedmid w/ a custom BPWD Pyranet 3 (3 person, 48 oz). If you are looking for a 3+ person tent, the MLD Supermid + innernet, Oware 9×9 Pyramid/BPWD combination, Tarptent Hog Back, or possibly a Golite Shangri-La 5 would be a good fit.

  2. Thanks for the additional info. I would be using it for 2 people with packs stored inside, so I don’t think the sloping walls are a deal breaker. I would like to have enough headroom at the peak to be able to sit on a inflatable pad without hitting my head on the mesh.
    Just evaluating the design over the internet, I think the Imogene is a valiant effort by GoLite.
    Any opinions on how storm-worthy it is? The fly coverage seems good, but I don’t how flimsy the pole structure is. There’s a lot of distance between the poles.
    By the way, the price on the GoLite website has increased to $350. (The tent has been out of stock for a while, but they are expecting more soon.)

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