Ciudad de Mexico – Part 6 – Traveler’s Diarrhea

We’ve heard about it, prepared for it on most trips, but have been lucky enough to avoid it until Mexico City. It was caused by our fascination with street foods, the better the food is, the bolder we get.  Cooked foods and beer are usually safe, but beware of raw vegetables that are usually accompanied by soups or ice in drinks.  I usually try to stay away from uncooked foods for the first couple days when visiting a new country, as I become more attuned with their food, I start becoming more adventurous.

Traveler’s diarrhea usually starts with a slight discomfort, then the stomach cramping starts, many times the cramping will become unbearable and looking for the nearest bathroom becomes your number one priority. I know this is not a sexy topic to talk about but it is very important to let your travel companions know you are feeling under the weather. Ignoring the symptoms can become very unpleasant when it can be easily cured by some antibiotics. Cipro is usually the antibiotics we bring with us when we travel, they are also obtainable for 5 dollars without a doctor’s prescription in Mexico.

Lisa was the first one that came down with travelers diarrhea on our second day in Puebla. Like a trooper, she tackled the pyramids of Cholula without any antibiotics. Louis became the second victim to come down with traveler’s diarrhea. Luckily, he was able to get it out of his system after a handful of trips to the bathroom that morning.


4 thoughts on “Ciudad de Mexico – Part 6 – Traveler’s Diarrhea

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  2. So sorry about it. One thing you truly need to be careful going to many countries is the water. I am originally from Ecuador and after living for 8 years in the US, I went back to visit family and I was sick for about a week, with what? Diarrhea. After I got better, I only drank bottle water and avoided soups, black coffee, juices, etc., in other words, anything that had a good possibility of not being bottled water. I also, and this is important, when I asked for bottled water told the waiter to not open the bottle. Why? I was told that many times they opened the “bottle water” for you before bringing it to the table because they used tap water.

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