Antelope Valley Slot Canyons

I’ve always wanted to tour the Antelope Valley Slot Canyons in Page, Arizona. Since The Wave in Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness was located only 35 miles northeast of the famous slot canyons, we convinced our friends to add this stop to our road trip before heading home to Southern California.

There are different portions of the slot canyons to visit, since most are on private Indian reservations, all visitors are required to be accompanied by a tour guide. After doing a bit of research on the different slot canyon tours, I decided to go with Ken’s Lower Antelope Canyon Tour because of the cheaper price and no advanced reservation was necessary.

We caught the first tour Monday morning because we had a long drive home. Based on the small size of our tour group, we were glad we woke up early to beat the crowd. The tour lasts roughly an hour and 15 minutes. It’s really important to remember to bring sunglasses and a hat to protect the sand from getting into your eyes.

Antelope Slot CanyonEntry point of the slot canyons!

Antelope Slot Canyon

The sun penetrating through the slot canyons, really gave the sand stones a dramatic look.Antelope Slot CanyonI couldn’t believe how smooth the sand stones were! These amazing formations were formed by rapid water flow from the frequent flash floods. Antelope Slot Canyon Antelope Slot Canyon Perfect lighting!!Antelope Slot CanyonI highly recommend the tour if you are in the area. On a sunny day, the lighting in the slot canyons made some amazing photographs!!



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