Thanksgiving in Copenhagen Denmark, Part II

Home to several Michelin Stars restaurants, we were looking for some fine dining without breaking the bank. Our bike tour guide Mike recommended Restaurant No 2. for lunch. Located right next to the harbor, within a commercial/office park, the restaurant share the same owners as the more well known Michelin Star restaurant AOC. Due to off season, getting a last minute lunch reservation at the restaurant was a breeze. At $80 per person, each of us had a three course lunch meal paired with a tasty bottle of wine. Not too shabby for fine dining in such an expensive city. Reservations for Restaurant No 2. can be made directly on their webpage at the following link:

On to the meal. Louis and I selected a Danish version of fish and chips for our first course while Chris opted for the Arctic Char.


The three of us choose the same main course, Danish beef tenderloin with salt baked beetroot, parsley and smoked marrow. It was my first time eating beetroot, while I’m not usually a big beet fan, the beetroot tasted amazing!


Finally, we all choose the hazelnut with caramel, malt and chocolate for dessert. I was the most impressed with this course- mainly because I have a weakness for chocolate. The ice cream was so creamy and fluffy paired perfect amount of sweetness and bitterness that came from the dark chocolate.


With our bellies full, we decided to walk off the food by taking a tour of the Christianborg Slot. The entrance fee for Christianborg Slot is 80 krones which is roughly about $13.50. We made it just in time for the 3PM daily tour. Flushed and suffering from food coma, the boys could barely keep their eyes open.

Christianborg SlotChristianborg Slot

Next stop was Tivoli, one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. We wanted to go to Tivoli at night to check out the christmas lights. Bare in mind, this is no Disney Land or Six Flags, the roller coaster rides are fairly tame and geared towards younger children. By the time we arrived inside Tivoli it was night time and the bright Christmas lights that lit up the entire park was quite impressive.

travel, Tivioli   Tivoli Tivoli


Glogg, also known as mulled wine with spices and nuts is a good drink to keep warm during the cold winter nights.


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