Trail Report- Smuggler’s Cove, Santa Cruz Island

The Quick and Dirty:
Location –Smuggler’s Cove, Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands National Park
Distance – 7.5 mile round trip
Terrain Type –  Coastal, the hike ends up at a secluded beach called Smuggler’s Cove
Difficulty – Moderate with some hill climbs

Duration– 3 hours at a leisure paceIMG_0414.JPGOn our second day at Santa Cruz Island, we met up with Lisa and Robert and hiked the 7.5 mile round trip trail to Smuggler’s Cove. This was the last hike we had left from the Scorpion side of the island. The first couple of miles of the hike share the same trail as the end of Montañon Ridge hike. When you reach the trail intersection, follow the sign to the left to Smuggler’s Cove, if you head towards the right, you will head away from the coast and towards inland to Montanon Ridge.


The trail intersection between Montanon Ridge/Oil Well and Smuglers Cove

The trail is relatively flat until the last mile and a half as it descends down to the beach.


The big downhill right before reaching Smuggler’s Cove. 

The beach was pretty secluded when we arrived, with only our group and another group of college students. IMG_20160319_141942.jpg

The weather was perfect for bumming around on the beach so the group sat down and took a nap before heading back to camp. The cove is only accessible to hikers by foot but many private boats seem to dock around the cove. IMG_20160319_145335.jpg


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