About Us

We are a husband and wife travelling and hiking duo.  We spend our time travelling the world, eating great food, backpacking through remote wildernesses, and hiking with our faithful pitbull.

We aren’t sponsored, we aren’t out there for the money.  Whether it be a different country, or a forest in California – we write to share our knowledge with others.

Stay open minded and stay safe on the trails.

–  Louis and Samantha

Note: We occasionally (literally one or two posts) have Amazon affiliate links.  It only covers the annual server costs.  All items we review or use here are purchased by us with our own cash.


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi! Great website! I’m curious about some of the mods you performed on your Sportsmobile, in particular ” 2″ spacer lift up front, Add a leaf to the rear + air bags.” Can you comment on the reason for these changes? Thanks!

    • These were added on by the previous owner, primarily for off-road clearance. Our van has a low hanging propane tank and gray water tank, but the spacer – add a leaf combination gives us some peace of mind. The air bags were added for towing, but can level out the height of the van. I would not recommend the lift as it alters the geometry of the suspension significantly. The air bags also reduce rear axle articulation.

      If I were to do it, I would have just trimmed/rolled the fenders and got larger tires. With rolled fenders, the Dodge B series vans should be able to clear 31-31.5 inch tires.

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