SoCal Adventures-Paddle Boarding in Lido Island

We try to enjoy the outdoors all year round since living in Southern California pretty much guarantees constant sunshine. Even with El Nino weather this year, the rain has not prevented us from the outdoors. We decided to go paddle boarding on Lido Island a couple of weekends ago. This was a request made by my friend Azrina before she went back to the “real” winter in Boston. Lido Island is a manmade island located in the harbor of Newport Beach, CA. Since only Louis and I had our own paddle boards, our friends found a good deal for a 2-hr paddle board rental at Wayward Captain Watersports for $10. The weather was partially sunny with very light breeze, which turned out to be perfect paddle boarding climate. One thing to watch out for is the wind when paddle boarding, it can be quite a workout fighting against the wind!

Good to know:

  • Wayward Captain Watersports is located at 2406 Newport Blvd, Newport Beach, CA. They are located on the dock behind the American Junkie restaurant. Their hours of operation are from 10AM-6PM.
  • Parking is tight on Lido Island, it is especially chaotic on the weekends. Valet parking is available in front of the restaurant for $12 or street parking is available if you don’t mind walking a bit further.
  • Once you launch your paddle board, watch for boat traffic in this area- it’s a harbor for small boats coming in and out of the Pacific Ocean.

We ended up paddling around the perimeter of Lido Island for the afternoon


Paddling around Lido Island


Alpana in her “winter” attire while paddle boarding


Lost Coast Camp Sites

One of the biggest issues we had with finding information for our trip was understanding common camp grounds along the Lost Coast.  With the exception of a few places, most of the campsites will have water or creeks available. Below is a quick guide to some of the popular camp sites along the northern stretch of the coast.  Sites are listed north to south.  Each site will have information including type of camp site, size, conditions of soil, natural wind protection, and water availability.

Size will be broken out by Large (6+ sites), Medium (3-5 sites), Small (1-3 sites) established camp sites.  There are plenty of viable sites along the trail, but we chose to use established sites for LNT (leave no trace). Continue reading

Trail Report- Lost Coast Trail Day 0 and 1


The Quick and Dirty:
Lost Coast Trail – Black Sands Beach to Gitchell Creek to Punta Gorda
Day 0 – Drive 11 hours to Black Sands Beach/Shelter Cove, hike 3.9 miles to Gitchell Creek
Day 1 – Hike Gitchell Creek to Punta Gorda – approx. 18 miles
Difficulty:  Moderate. Two, five mile stretches of low tide crossing area from Gitchell Creek to Miller Flats and Randall Creek to Sea Lion Gulch that hikers need to be aware of. 
Duration: 1.5 hours for from Black Sands Beach to Gitchell Creek. 9 hours from Gitchell Creek to Punta Gorda, with 4 hour break at Randall Creek.

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Wood’s Cove- Laguna Beach

Southern California winters can be one of the best times to go to the beach. With small tourist crows and high temperatures around 90 degrees this past week, we couldn’t resist spending a day with Dakota lounging at the beach!

Woods Cove is located a couple miles south of downtown Laguna Beach on Diamond Street and PCH. From September 17th through May 31st, dogs are allowed on the beach all day as long as they are leashed. During high tourist season, June 1st through September 16th, dogs are only allowed on the beach before 8AM and after 6PM. Parking is metered around Diamond Street and the maximum allowed time is 1 hour. It is best to come with a friend to have someone feed the parking meter without losing your spot on the beach!

As like most coves, the beach area in Wood’s Cove is small. But on a Friday afternoon in February, the place was not overly crowed.

IMG_20150213_143356 IMG_20150213_152408