Costa Rica Trip Overview- Part 1

This is a blog series about our travels to Costa Rica in 2012. To avoid a long post, we’ve decided to break this trip to several series consist of the following.

The Quick and Dirty 

Location- Western Coast of Costa Rica

Travel Duration: 7 days

Visa needed for US Citizens? No.

Vaccination needed for Americans: Routine vaccination and antibiotics will be fine in well traveled areas such as Liberia, Tamarindo and La Fortuna. Rabies and Malaria vaccination is optional for travelers planning on spending lots of time outdoors.

Spanish necessary for traveling: No, not for touristy places such as Liberia, Tamarindo and La Fortuna. Once you leave the popular spots, Spanish becomes necessary to get around.

Type of trip: sight seeing, outdoor trekking

Top reason for visiting Costa Rica: If you’ve never been to any Latin American country and have always wanted to, Costa Rica is THE PERFECT country to start. The beautiful beaches, friendly locals and prevalent English speakers are some of the reasons you should go.


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