Costa Rica: Hiking to Rio Celeste- Part 4

The Quick and Dirty:
Location – Rio Celeste located within Tenorio Volcano National Park
Distance – 3-4 km round trip to the waterfall
Terrain Type – rain forest, water fall, river crossing
Difficulty – Moderate
Special Conditions – Easiest mode of transportation to get to the park is via car if you choose not to travel with a tour group.

Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

After two days of fun outdoor activities, we said goodbye to La Fortuna District and headed to Rio Celeste. Rio Celeste is situated within the Tenorio Volcano National Park, the total drive time from La Fortuna is approximately an hour. The entrance of Rio Celeste is about an hour away from La Fortuna but the roads gets tricky toward the end of our journey. It’s hard to depict the slope and loose gravel in the photo below, but at the end of this road, we were very thankful we had rented a high clearance vehicle. This road on our map was labeled as medium difficulty, I can’t imagine what it must feel like to drive through a difficult road!

Costa Rica

Enroute to Rio Celeste

Rio Celeste is famous for the beautiful blue color of the minerals from the river and the volcano when two rivers converge together. The convergence point is about an hour hike away from the beginning of the trail. To enter the national park, a small fee is required at the trail head. The signs are clear and easy to navigate, however, trails at a few spots are not as well maintained making this a moderately difficult but beautiful rain forest hike. Louis and I briefly made a mental note to bring our backpacking gear next time we come back to explore more the rain forest.

Although we did not bring water shoes, I would definitely recommend it for travelers crossing the river. With the water fall nearby, the currents can be strong, making it difficult to grip the river rocks with your bare feet.The color of the river was breathtaking, the 60 feet waterfall as a backdrop make this a picture perfect hike.

DSC00862We kept hiking after the water fall in search of a hot spring. Turns out the hot spring we stopped by was filled with tourists and the water felt luke warm instead of hot. Instead of packing ourselves as sardines in the hot spring, we decided to lounge by the blue river upstream.

Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

“hot spring” filled with tourists

Overall this is a beautiful hike in Costa Rica and we would recommended for people of all ages. Sturdy shoes, swim wear and a camera is a must for this hike!


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