Camping at O’Neill Regional Park

O'neill Regional Park Camp

O’Neill Regional Park offers camping facilities for park users.  The camp sites are close to Live Oak Canyon Road and are popular throughout the spring and summer months.  The campground is family friendly.  Lots of kids are riding their bikes, skating, and running around the campground. In short, the campground would be great for people with young kids, families, or someone trying to get outside.  I do not recommend the campground for those looking for solitude.

We did a weekend trip out here recently with our friends to get away for a bit.  The campground was full and we were fortunate enough to grab the last campground for the weekend.  Reservations can be made on the phone or at the following link:

OC Parks Camping Reservations

O'neill Regional Park Camp; Sportsmobile

Campground #6 and our Sportsmobile

A couple notes and tips:

  1. Try and grab a campground away from Live Oak Canyon Road.  The road, while rural, can be noisy throughout the night.  My suggestion is grab the sites closer to Trabuco Creek.  The campgrounds cost $21 a night.
  2. Firewood is sold at the Ranger Station at $5 a bundle.  We made the mistake of setting up camping then back tracking to find the firewood.
  3. Campgrounds are fairly large.  We had Campsite 6, which was surrounded by trees and offered some privacy from the other groups.
  4. Dogs are allowed on the campground but are not allowed on any unpaved park trails.
  5. Bring ear plugs. It can get noisy on the campround, either from RV generators, cars on the road, or people staying up late.
  6. Unfortunately, alcohol is not allowed on the campgrounds (bummer!).
  7. Lastly, if you are booking on short notice, call the ranger station.  The online booking system requires reservation 48 hours in advance.

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